Why in the Family of Your Tutor?

  • Have you ever made and served Russian pancakes?
  • Have you ever participated in Russian Shrovetide?
  • Have you ever celebrated Russian Old New Year?

You are cordially invited!

When you learn Russian in the family of your tutor, you are virtually immersed in the spoken language and Russian cultural environment – you are a participant of lively and everyday communication and life, you learn how to use Russian words correctly in an adequate social context day after day, week after week. You find new Russian friends! .


  • You pay only for tutorial hours, but you have an opportunity of getting immersed in the Russian language with your tutor every minute of your stay in his or her house. This is the most effective model of short-term intensive studies of the Russian language.
  • A student can select the duration of his/her course – from 20 to 40 hours per week.